InteLex is intelligent language learning software designed for the student of higher education. The goal of InteLex is to aid the student in acquiring a reading knowledge of a research language, first through vocabulary acquisition. Future releases of InteLex will also include work with parsing and grammar. Currently, InteLex includes:

Vocabulary Selection

Basic and Advanced Selection of vocabulary words
The student selects which vocabulary words to learn by any combination of chapter, difficulty level (customized for each student as he uses InteLex), part of speech, and frequency (for languages with a limited corpus of primary sources).

Saved Selections
The student may save selections of vocabulary words either as a list (specific words) or as a set of criteria (to accommodate changing difficulty levels as the student learns)

Multiple Sorting of Selections
The student may choose whether to have selections sorted alphabetically, randomly, by chapter, part of speech, or frequency.

Including Other Forms
The student may choose to include other forms (for example, irregular plural forms) in a selection, so they appear as regular vocabulary words.


Learning Mode: Auditory and Visual
When in learning mode, InteLex presents the vocabulary in any combination of displaying the foreign word, displaying the definition, or hearing the word pronounced. So, a student may choose to first hear the word and then see it, or to alter the learning between Foreign-to-English and English-to-Foreign.

Pronunciation and Spellling of Vocabulary Words
InteLex will both pronounce and spell aloud each vocabulary word.

Automatic Advancing
InteLex will automatically advance through all the words in a selection for hands-free vocabulary learning, at a fast, medium or slow pace.

Customization of Font Sizes
The student may alter all font sizes for foreign and English material at any time with a single click.


Quizzing Mode: Typing
InteLex tracks the student's progress through quizzing. InteLex presents either the foreign word, English, or pronounces the word, and the student responds by typing in the remaining information.

Intelligent Answer Recognition
Often a vocabulary word will have several possible definitions. The student does not have to type in the full, exact definition -- only a single valid definition.

Repetition of Difficult Words
Repetition is the only sure way to learn vocabulary, so when a student gives an incorrect answer, InteLex automatically updates the word's difficulty level and repeats the word later in the same quizzing session. The student may choose to turn off repetition, or to vary the rate of the repetition.

Allowance for Unintentional Mistakes
Typos happen, so InteLex includes the option of "skipping" the current word, so it will not be repeated again in the current quizzing session.

Quiz Results
At the end of a quizzing session, InteLex tallies and presents the student's results in a histogram chart. The student then has the option of re-quizzing on the incorrect words only, or saving the incorrect words as a selection for future use.


Keyboard Utility
InteLex includes a graphical representation of a complete keyboard with the foreign font mapping, so the student unfamiliar with a given font can easily learn to type in a foreign language.


InteLex includes a lexicon utility so, at any time, the student can search for a vocabulary word by either the foreign word or the definition. This is often helpful and saves time when the student is doing translation homework.

Customized Selections
With the lexicon, the student can create fully customized selections of vocabulary words. When the student double-clicks on a word in the lexicon, it is automatically added to the current selection. At any time, the student may save the current selection as a word list, for future use.

Customizable Font Sizes
The student can change the font size of both the foreign words and English definitions in the Lexicon window with a single click.

Vocabulary Details

Grammar book-specific Information
Since every module is associated with a grammar book, each vocabulary word has an associated chapter. InteLex displays all such information in a side window that the student can view, alter, or close at will.

Lexical Information
InteLex displays additional lexical information such as part of speech and gender in side, customizable windows.

Additional Forms
InteLex displays additional forms like principal parts (for Greek), irregular plurals, construct forms (for Hebrew), etc., in side, customizable windows.

Customizing of Side Windows
Each side window can be docked to the main InteLex window and re-sized at will. All font sizes may also be customized.

Personal Notes

The student may choose to display a side window for recording personal notes about vocabulary words.

The student may choose to display a side window for recording hints to remember specific vocabulary words and their definitions.


User's Guide
InteLex includes a User's Guide the student can access through the Help menu.

Frequently Asked Questions
The User's Guide includes a link to a constantly updated list of Frequently Asked Questions on Learning Mill's website.

Contacting Support
InteLex includes a built-in mechanism, accessed through the Help menu, for the student to contact support with questions and comments.


"Language is the soul of intellect..."

-Charles Scribner, Jr.