26 FEBRUARY 2020


Learning Mill was formed in 2002 at the request of professors and authors to provide tightly integrated, computer-assisted study aids for students learning languages.

InteLex is the parent product we expect to become the leading language learning application for use with the printed grammars used by institutions of higher education. InteLex greatly increases a student's vocabulary acquisition speed and long-term retention of a language.

The InteLex environment is paired with a language module, which mirrors an established grammar. The first InteLex language module is for Basics of Biblical Hebrew written by Gary D. Pratico and Miles V. Van Pelt, published by Zondervan.


"But a man cannot rightly order his own soul unless he exercises himself day and night in the Word of God. He can do that most readily if he is well versed in such languages as Hebrew and Greek, for a right understanding of the Old Testament is difficult without the one, and a right understanding of the New is equally difficult without the other."

-Ulrich Zwingli